A Revolutionary Guide To Mental And Physical Health

a course in self-healthcare.

Learn the truth about conventional healthcare,
then take control of your mind and health

Would You Like To Improve Your Health?

Inside this easy to understand manual you will learn strategies and techniques to improve your health and develop more self-control. You can experience more confidence and happiness as you take control of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

How conventional healthcare is hazardous to your health.
How to maintain a healthy body and control your brain.
How to recover from cancer, AIDS and other chronic diseases.
How to lose weight and keep it off the healthiest way.
How to relax away stress without using drugs.
How to control your emotions and stop emotional pain.
How to take control of fear, worry and obsessive thinking.
How to let go of addictions, cravings and unwanted behaviors.
How to create more self-confidence and a better personality.
How to train your brain to help you achieve your goals.


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Douglas Ellison has dedicated many years of his life to investigative research. After reading hundreds of books and thousands of hours of intensive study, he discovered the root causes of many degenerative diseases and mental disorders. He also learned, the human race is manipulated by supernatural beings.
Doug grew up in a family where there was demonic activities, mental illness, abuse and drug addiction. He had a burning desire to learn why people do the crazy things they do. His dream is to help others improve their lives.

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